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Search in: All Industries   Metallurgy / Metal Products  
Bearings, gears30 Chains, springs119
Ferro - alloys68 Iron, steel639
Jointings, gaskets1049 Kitchenware, tableware - metal 170
Metal castings, moulds104 Metal products for packaging, storage, transport 55
Nails, staples, pins49 Non - ferrous metals / alloys190
Other metal products - industrial use127 Other metal products - non-industrial use86
Pipes, tubes, hoses71 Precious metals / alloys51
Profiles, joinery, paneling - metal19789 Related products139
Related services37 Related traders49
Screws, nuts, bolts, rivets43 Tools - metal4289
Wire, wire products6677
Numbers next to the categories show the total number of the trade leads. However trade leads with only Turkish descriptions will not show up in English, and trade leads with only English descriptions will not show up in Turkish.
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    Create your own showroom
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