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You can browse through the categories or you can use the search engine to reach our members products.
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You can have your product information translated. Coming soon ...

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Access to trade leads:
You will be able to access categorized trade leads posted by member firms around the world. We have conveniently grouped these trade leads as offers to buy, offers to sell, and cooperation. If you are looking for a more specific product you will also have the tools to search the trade leads according to product specifications, offer date, offer type, country of origin.

Ability to contact other members directly:
Along with the information about trade leads and the products, you will also have detailed information about the firms whom are posted the lead or the product information. You will also find that our forms for contacting other members are well formed and contains all the necessary information for conducting international business.

Post your trade leads in two languages:
You will have the ability to post your offers to buy, offers to sell, or offers to cooperate in not only English but also in Turkish. Please visit out site often to be informed on our other services coming up. Translations services will also be coming soon.

Research our extensive database of member SME's:
You will have the ability to browse through the categories to find member companies as well as searching for spesific company by using keywords on the company description, company name and address, as well as the company's showroom. After finding the company you are searching for, you will have opportunity to directly contact the SME and-should you need it-request more information.

Browse through the member SME's products and services:
You will have the ability to search through the database of the products. We are hoping that you will find abundance of information on the posted products. As part of the trade activity, you will have the ability to ask for quotes or further information on the selected products.

SMETC members can
  • browse through the Showroom in which a list of product images of the member companies are displayed,
  • request quotes for any product online,
  • place their own products to be displayed in the Showroom by completing a simple form.

Company Web pages
SMETC members can create and update their own web pages with
  • their own company logo,
  • general information about the company,
  • company business profile,
  • contact information with several one address,
  • product showroom with detailed information

Alert Service:
SMETC members can
  • get information about the current trade leads in their areas of interest via e-mail as soon as they subscribe to our Alert Service

  • Support Services
    Our members who want to do business in Turkey can take advantage of our Support Services listed below.
    News and Trade Alerts:
    After you register your company for free, please let our system do the finger walking for you. Take advantage of our alert services and receive reqular e-mail messages on categories of your choice as soon as it is posted on our system. Remember: Time is precious.

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    Should you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us at:service@smetc.com

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